Product Features Legend

All of our candles include one or more of these features. Look for these little icons when viewing our products.
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Patented Realistic Wick: Candle Impressions® is the only flameless candle company to feature an exclusive patented, realistic wick that enables candles to look real, whether on or off.
Flickering Flame Technology: Patented technology that creates the illusion of a real, flickering flame as seen in our Mirage LED candles
Real Wax: Almost all of our candles are made from real wax, which means they look and feel like traditional candles.
3,000 Hours: Candles run on two ‘C’ batteries, and will provide up to  3,000 hours of candlelight. Simply replace the batteries when necessary.
5 Hour Timer: Candles will come on automatically at the same time each day and stay on for five hours.
Programmable Timer: Candles will turn on/off according to the schedule that you decide. They can be set to stay on from 1-23 hours.
Remote Control: Easily turn candles on/off with the touch of a button from halfway across the room.
Battery Included: Candles come with a CR2032 included, and will provide up to 120 hours of candlelight. Simply replace the batteries when necessary.
All-Weather: Candles are made from a plastic resin that makes them resistant to rain, heat and wind.