Candle impressions has the most beautiful and realistic looking candles. I use them everyday of the year, but my most favorite are the beautiful red candles for Christmas. I start decorating in October for Christmas and go until February never having to change the batteries in my candles! THANK YOU for such great products.

- Stacey F.

I love flameless candles. As I learned about them, I quickly came to the conclusion that Candle Impressions are the best! I love their timers and the amount of glow I get from each one, and I now only buy them. I work in a store that sells them and I always point them out and tell people that I only buy this brand!

- Lynne B.

As a mom of two rambunctious children, I had to forfeit my ability to fill the house with fragrance and light for safety. Using my flameless candles from Candle Impressions, I've gotten them back! Fantastic fragrance and a realistic, pretty glow. From moms everywhere: Thank You!

- Jenna F.

Have bought many of these over the years, and also given them as gifts. Have always been more than pleased with the quality and beauty. They are also the most realistic looking, so I simply won't purchase any other flameless candle. Love Candle Impressions!

- Mary M.

Love my flameless candles, they look beautiful and very realistic with all your many designs and they smell great too! You can put them anywhere a regular candle can't possibly go. The timers and long battery life are an added bonus! They have also proved to be a Godsend every time we have a power outage. No more looking for flashlights and darkened rooms! I have them in every room of my house!

- Jane C.

Knowing how frequently companies hear negative comments, I wanted to do the opposite. I purchased 4 outdoor flameless candles at Christmas. I gave 2 to friends and kept 2 for myself. I cannot believe the durability of this item. Being the worst winter in decades, often all I could see is the faint bit of light under the snow bank. This tiny little candle glowed on and on, and was a welcome sight, on many a blistery night. Kudos to you for manufacturing and retailing such a genuinely efficient product.

Thank you!

- Janice K.